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Eric J. Robinette

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

In 1954 Mark C. Hartz, a Memphis artist had a vision, and with a little help from John Tigrett and his investor friends his brainchild became a reality with the construction of the Memphis Pyramid in 1991 overlooking the mighty Mississippi. 

I have fond memories of this place. I took my eldest son to his first rock ’n roll show, witnessed the splendor of Ringling Brothers and cheered the Memphis Grizzlies to victories in the state-of-the-art facility. At the time the complex was the ideal place for large events, but over the years it was decided that the Memphis Grizzlies required a den comparable to other NBA franchises - hence the building of the 200 million dollar Fed Ex Forum.

From that point the future of the Pyramid was uncertain and remained a lifeless shell for more than a decade. Until now. Slated to open in the Spring of 2015 The Bass Pro Shops will unveil one of the world’s largest retail stores within the newly renovated structure. 

In addition to the retail store itself, Bass Pro at the Pyramid will be home to an archery range, shooting range, and laser arcade. The building will also include an Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill with a bowling alley and a saltwater aquarium. The tallest freestanding elevator in America will take visitors to the apex of the Pyramid where they can take in the view on an indoor and outdoor observation deck or get a bite to eat at the “Sky High Catfish Cabin”; a restaurant, bar, and aquarium at the top of the building. At the base of the Pyramid will be a 100-room hotel known as the Big Cypress Lodge. If that wasn’t enough 600,000 gallons of water will fill the foundation of the Pyramid forming small ponds where aquatic crafts will be featured and displayed.

Most importantly the new complex will provide hundreds of jobs to Memphians and those living in the Mid-South area. It will also ensure more traffic and commerce in the Downtown area and the Pinch District.  

Welcome Pro Bass! Your presence will only make this great city even better!  

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