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Eric J. Robinette

Monday, July 14, 2014

As a lifelong Memphian I’ve come to appreciate many things about this city – the plentiful trees, the quaint Midtown homes, the sprawling hills of Shelby Farms and the engaging, pleasant people. I’ve attended grade school, high school, and college here. Gotten married here, and watched my children grow and flourish here. I play pick-up basketball here, ride bikes on weekends with my wife here and eventually plan on retiring... here.

So why should you invest in rental real estate properties here? Consider this:

1. An investor can purchase a property here for as low as $55,000 that can generate a much as $750 in rent. That’s immediate cash flow. That’s high yield. That’s an impressive ROI (return on investment).   

2. Memphis is ranked 2nd in having the lowest risk-to-investing in real estate – CNN Money.com. 

3. In February 2010 U.S. News and World Reports Ranked Memphis #1 for real estate steals in the U.S.

4. CNN Money.com recently listed Memphis as the #1 city for most affordable homes.

5. 28% of Memphis homes sell for less than their fair market value (the 2nd most undervalued market in the U.S.).

6. Realty Trac has listed Memphis 9th for most foreclosures with 1 in 49 homes foreclosing.

7. Business 2.0 recognized Memphis in it’s “Top 10 Cities to Invest in Real Estate”.

8. Mortgage Bankers Association of America added Memphis to their “Top Ten Hottest US Markets for Mortgage Lenders" list.    

9. Memphis is ranked third for most undervalued metropolitan market in the U.S. – CNN Money.com.

10. AARP listed Memphis as one of five great places to retire.  

11. Memphis is the 6th best market for investing in real estate according to CNN Money.com. 

12. Money Magazine lists Memphis as #1 for affordable housing for retirees.

Memphis offers so much – from no state income tax to one of the lowest cost of living cities in the U.S. – from the home of Federal Express to the top 10 of the 50 best major areas in the U.S. for starting a business (Inc. Magazine 2005).

From inexpensive housing to high yields and cash returns - investing in rental properties simply makes sense. And it’s all here. All for you. All in Memphis.    

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