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Bert Miller

Monday, March 2, 2015

A couple of years ago I took my normal Saturday trip to visit my parents. I make this trip as often as possible which is usually every two weeks. Mom’s now seventy-nine years old and Dad’s eighty-seven years old. Mom worked at a bank for over thirty years and Dad travelled around the world working construction. They both saved and Dad had a pension. That with Social Security provided a standard of living that kept them comfortable. On my visits we usually have the same discussions about family, church, what doctors they have seen and their aches and pains. However, this trip was a little different. Dad told me that his pension ran out when he was eighty-five and Mom had been hitting the principle on her retirement to make ends meet. I could see he was both embarrassed and concerned with their current state of affairs. Mom and Dad are fortunate that they will never have to worry about money because my brother and I will be able to provide any additional money that is needed. But that is not the point. The point is my parents are embarrassed because they needed help. They planned and saved and still they needed assistance. They put their money in the traditional stock and bond retirement accounts doing all the things deemed safe and responsible for retirement. Dad stated that he didn’t know that he would live this long. 

This is the moment I decided people like my parents need other alternatives to the traditional options that most people use for retirement. People need consistent high-yielding investments that perform despite inflation, stock market fluctuations or other variables that undermine their retirement goals. 

There are a few items that people will always need regardless of the economy. Food, utilities and housing are needed regardless of the economy. Both food and utilities fall into the traditional stock and bond category. But, housing is a different story. Single-family residential real estate can create true wealth and security that can alleviate the embarrassment and uncertainty that many people experience in their later years. Helping people prepare is why Rent To Reward was established. 

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