Rent to retire. rent to reward.

Rent To Reward makes it easy for you to earn income from single-family rental homes in the US...

Why Rent To Reward?

How It Works

Our name says it all. What makes Rent To Reward especially attractive is that it walks with investors every step of the way—from finding the right home with tailored financing to walking you right up to the front door of your first property.

It doesn’t stop there. Our on-site property managers are the best in the business. Our property managers have a keen eye for detail and perfection which help maintain your rental’s condition for the duration of your ownership. We understand the importance of regular maintenance.

  • Minimal time investment in property search
  • Available homes in sought-after rental neighborhoods in the greater Memphis area
  • Property inventory updated daily
  • Financing tailored for you with options including self-directed IRAs and 401K loans
  • Quick and easy loan application and qualification
  • Property manager tied to every home

  Why Invest In Rentals?

Single-family rental properties offer growing returns—now and in the years to come.

  Retire On Rentals

Plan for a brighter future with our proven rental property investment system.