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Rent To Reward makes it easy for you to earn income from single-family rental homes in the US...

Why Rent To Reward?


Our goal is to ensure that your long-term investment produces even longer-term rewards. We understand that it takes more than a nice house to be successful; it takes oversight, maintenance and care.

When you purchase a property through our Rent To Reward program, you are not only getting a reputable property manager but more importantly, we ensure your investment property stays rented. Upon your investment purchase, our property managers work quickly to find you a qualified tenant. Additionally, our team is on-call and on-site to ensure your property stays in top condition inside and out. We put a premium on property maintenance at Rent To Reward.

We work exclusively with GM Realty Property Management.

With more than 25 years of property management experience, GM Realty Property Management (GM Realty) has the proven systems and tenured staff to specifically improve long-term profitability for domestic and international investors alike. 

When working with GM Realty, you gain many benefits including:  

  1. Evergreen clause—all leases come with an Evergreen clause, meaning that the lease automatically renews every year, saving between $200 and $400 a year.
  2. Pre-negotiated insurance rate—because of our risk management protocol and volume of properties under management, we are able to
    negotiate excellent insurance rates for our customers, typically saving more than $150 a year per property. 
  3. Lower management fee—Rent to Reward charges an 8 percent management fee as compared to the typical 10 percent charged by most management companies.  For a house that rents for $700 a month, that equals to $168 in annual savings. 
  4. Timely reporting—we use Cloud-based software to insure you have continuous reporting on your investment through precise monthly statements.
  5. Rental advertising—Rent to Reward advertises extensively to obtain renters through ad campaigns on the Internet, in the local papers and through signage. 
  6. No application fee—Charging a fee to potential renters results in longer periods of vacancy, fewer applicants and less rental income.  While it may be a profit center for many management companies, at Rent to Reward we see no value in it. 
  7. Thorough applicant screening—GM Realty executes extensive screening of potential renters, which can often save thousands in future repairs and upkeep. This process goes beyond the standard application and includes a credit and criminal background screening, income and rental verification and a site visit to their current address to assess how well they maintain their current residence. 
  8. Rental rate research—extensive market research is conducted to determine the proper rental rate. This step, coupled with the well-maintained property, helps to ensure high occupancy rates without having to resort to discount to achieve results.
  9. On-call maintenance professionals—GM Realty offers contracted maintenance professionals, which means no waiting for appointments that slow down repair times, saving you extra money and time.
  10. Licensed and insured—GM Realty is licensed by the state of Tennessee and carries errors and omission insurance on all management transactions.
  11. Rental holdings—GM Realty manages its company's personal rental property holdings within the same Rent to Reward neighborhoods available today. 

  Why Invest In Rentals?

Single-family rental properties offer growing returns—now and in the years to come.

  Retire On Rentals

Plan for a brighter future with our proven rental property investment system.