Rent to retire. rent to reward.

Rent To Reward makes it easy for you to earn income from single-family rental homes in the US...

Why Rent To Reward?

Retire On Rentals

Turning your hard-earned money into a smart, long-term investment is the simple premise behind single-family rentals and our Rent To Reward program. Unlike other investments, you get to see the tangible investment right in front of you. Here are some more advantages to retiring on rentals: 

This market offers an abundance of space and opportunity. According to a 2011 study from Morgan Keegan (now part of Raymond James), the total U.S. market value of single-family rentals is at about $3 trillion and accounts for just over 50 percent of all rental units in the U.S. (with about 20 million housing units total at an average value per unit of $150,000). But note that as bigger equity firms continue to seek opportunity in this market, it may become increasingly challenging for single or small investors to get in. That's why the time to get in is now—before the window closes.

Tenants make your investment their home. Tenants in single-family homes are more likely to be families, increasing the probability of recurrent and loyal tenants.

Fewer monthly expenses mean more of your capital is free. Regular operating expenses for apartments include utilities and common-area maintenance. These kinds of costs can tie up your cash flow. In single-family rentals, however, utilities are paid by the tenant.

The biggest plus: potential appreciation. Generally, single-family rentals have appreciated more than apartments or multi-unit rentals. While apartments are valued strictly on cash flow, single-family homes are valued not only on cash flow but also the intrinsic value to a future owner-occupant.

  Why Invest In Rentals?

Single-family rental properties offer growing returns—now and in the years to come.

  Retire On Rentals

Plan for a brighter future with our proven rental property investment system.