Rent to retire. rent to reward.

Rent To Reward makes it easy for you to earn income from single-family rental homes in the US...

Why Rent To Reward?


How do you start looking for properties in another country or different state when you don’t even know where to begin? Rent To Reward helps you from the very first step.

This is a broad overview of steps we will take together to move you from potential investor to successful rental property owner. So you can retire on rentals.

  1. Complete contact information
  2. Get connected with Rent To Reward property advisor
  3. Begin property selection process in city of choice (Among other materials, we’ll provide detailed information on city-of-choice demographics and videos of the homes you wish to purchase)
  4. Reserve a house
  5. Sign management and leasing contracts 
  6. Send earnest money
  7. Complete disclaimers
  8. Provide financial information and proof of funds/income

Plus, your Rent To Reward advisor can assist you with options in financing, tax compliance, completion of forms and any issues that may arise.  We help clients with the following needs: 

  • Local and international financing
  • Bank accounts for foreign investors
  • Non-recourse financing for Super Annulation and 401(k) financing
  • Negotiated insurance rate to help obtain lower insurance premiums
  • Attorneys to set up Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
  • Closing attorneys who handle closings for U.S. and foreign buyers (Closing duties include closing settlements, title work and title insurance. Attorneys also can handle many details when closing Super Annulation and 401(k) retirement accounts)
  • Attorneys or accountants to help with obtaining EIN number (LLC tax identification number) and ITIN number (personal tax identification number)
  • Supervision and documentation of outstanding quality renovation on the investment property (always get a home inspection) 
  • In-house consultant to answer your questions about a cash yield or financing yield on investment choices

To date, our expert advisors have successfully helped hundreds of foreign investors from around the world acquire high yielding investment properties.  

Now let's get started. Complete our information form and a representative will be in touch soon. 

  Why Invest In Rentals?

Single-family rental properties offer growing returns—now and in the years to come.

  Retire On Rentals

Plan for a brighter future with our proven rental property investment system.